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About US

We have been growing Christmas Trees for 25 years, and have an extensive selection of Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, and hybrids. 

Balsam Fir

The Balsam Fir is considered the classic Christmas Tree, known for its lovely shape and wonderful scent. Our Mountain Balsams are deep green to blue, and very fragrant. We have planted only seedstock that shows long needle retention and superior coloring.

The Fraser Fir

Deep green with blue tint- Frasers have the unique ability to hold their needles longer than all other Christmas Trees. Fraser Firs also have a very nice fragrance.

Tester's Vermont Christmas Trees has made a significant investment in premium Fraser Fir stock.

Our Family

Here are some recent photos of the Tester family:

Bill & Sue Horsing Around













Aaron and Chris in the snow













Shawn, Loralee, Timothy and Patrick




























Our Plantations

Vermont has ideal growing conditions that enable us to produce a consistently premium tree. Here are some images from our tree farms: 

Farm View